शिकायत पंजीकरण एवं सूचना डेटाबेस प्रणाली (ग्रिड्स)

Grievance Registration & Information Database System (GRIDS)

Matters sent to NHB on the following issues, shall not be construed as complaint for registration and resolution as per Grievance Redressal Policy of Bank:
  1. Received/Registered with incomplete mandatory details as prescribed in the Complaint Form;
2. Matter, which is already under process or closed as per provisions of the Policy.
3. Matter raised in the complaint for which quasi-judicial procedure has been prescribed for decision or Cases that are sub-judice or any         quasi-judicial/ judicial authority passed an Order; 
4. Matter under investigation by Government Authorities like Police, Tax, etc. or any Constitutional/Statutory Body is already examining       or investigating or taken a view on the subject matter (including Fraud), after examination or investigation. 
5. Matter lodged as complaint by an Individual or an Advocate or a Third Party, who is not a customer or legal heir of the customer of             NHB or HFC or PLI; 
6. Anonymous or Pseudonymous complaint; 
7. Complaint or Legal Notice not directly addressed to NHB for resolution;
8. Complaint, which is incomplete/arbitrary/ambiguous or vexatious or filed without any sufficient cause or involving decision/policy         by which the Complainant is not affected directly/indirectly; 
 9. If the complaint is received by NHB, either after the lapse of one year from the date of receipt of reply from the HFC or after the lapse of     one year and one month if no reply is sent by HFC from the date of complaint made to the HFC; 
10. Subjective complaints like frequent phone calls, network issues in phone calls, unable to contact officials, etc.; 
11. Complaints against the HFCs which do not have valid Certificate of Registration under National Housing Bank Act, 1987; and 
12. Matter involving HFCs internal HR & Administration issues like staff pay & emoluments, transfer, promotion, contractual termination,         commission to vendors, etc.